The Rules

For this project, I’ve decided to create a photoblog that is thematically tied to these two ideas:

  1. The purpose of the blog is capture all of the different textures Vancouver has to offer
  2. The only tool I can use to do this is my iPhone 4 and its camera app.

The idea to limit the toolkit to just the iPhone 4 is what makes this an interesting project to me. This little device can capture the same scenes that traditional cameras can, but with the added ability to crop, color correct, or otherwise process the image right there on the spot. Add to this the ability to upload works directly to this blog from the iPhone completes the workflow.

This is all done ON A PHONE.

As I see interesting textures, I’ll snap them, process them, and place them directly here in as close to real time as the internet allows. Some days, many photos will be posted; on other days, visual silence. The blog will continue for as long as there are textures to capture (and an iPhone to do it with).

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